BOSCH DIP-6082-8HD DIVAR IP 6000 2U, 8 x 2 TB HDD All-in-one recording

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BOSCH DIP-6082-8HD DIVAR IP 6000 2U, 8 x 2 TB HDD All-in-one recording management solution for network surveillance


u RAID-5 protected, all-in-one recording solution for up to 128 channels

u Pre-installed, pre-configured IP storage solution with up to 24 TB storage capacity

u Dedicated storage operating system delivers robust , secure operation

u Hot-swappable hard drives
u Remote monitoring via desktop application or browser 

The DIVAR IP 6000 family is an affordable, simple and reliable all-in-one recording management solution for network surveillance systems of up to 128 channels (with 64 channels pre-licensed).

Powered by VRM Video Recording Manager software from Bosch, DIVAR IP 6000 is an intelligent IP storage device that eliminates the need for separate NVR (Network Video Recorder) server and storage hardware, reducing the total cost of ownership by as much as 45%.

DIVAR IP 6000 2U is a 2HU rack mount unit that combines advanced recording management and state- of-the-art iSCSI storage into a single cost-effective, plug and play IP recording appliance for IT-minded customers which are seeking for a state-of-the-art ?second generation? NVR recording solution.

System overview

The DIVAR IP 6000 family utilizes an energy efficient, embedded design which reduces possible points of failure and boasts Bosch quality through-and-through. Utilizing ?enterprise-rated? hard drives in a fault tolerant RAID-5 configuration, dual port Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces, 4 GB system memory and

an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor, the
DIVAR IP 6000 family delivers high-end performance at a very affordable price.
Easy to install, the system features wizard-based set- up and centralized configuration to reduce installation times by as much as 45%. All components are pre- installed and pre-configured. Simply connect to the network and power the unit up ? DIVAR IP 6000 is ready to begin recording straight out of the box.
To create a complete video management solution, just add either Video Client or Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS). Bosch VMS Lite ? for up to 64 cameras ? or Bosch VMS Professional Edition ? for up to 128 cameras. Adding Bosch VMS or Video Client software turns DIVAR IP 6000 into a scalable IP video management solution.
Bosch VMS manages all IP and digital video and audio, plus all the security data being transmitted across your IP network. It seamlessly combines IP cameras and encoders, provides system-wide event and alarm management, system health monitoring, user and priority management.
Video Client may be used as playback client only or to create an entry-level complete video management solution without the need of additional licenses.