BOSCH UHO-HBGS-50 Outdoor Housing with Heater-Blower-Sunshield, 230VAC

Rp7,168,466 Rp3,584,233



BOSCH UHO-HBGS-50 Outdoor Housing Camera


u Protects camera/lens combinations up to 262 mm (10.32 inch) in length

u Hinged side opening for easy installation and camera setup

u IP66, NEMA-4X rating
u Sunshield included
u Window defroster with self-cleaning glass

Easy installation

The hinged, side-opening design allows easy installation of camera/lens combinations, and gives access to the controls even when the housing is mounted. Power and video cabling can be routed through feed-through fittings or external 4-pin power and BNC connectors at the rear of the housing. Feed- through entry holes are available in the base of some models for even better cable management. Mounting holes in the base can be used to install the housing on a wide range of pan/tilts, adjustable heads, and various camera mount brackets.

Temperature regulated

The aluminum-constructed housings have two heaters (one for window defrosting and one for the housing interior), and an optional blower. The interior heater maintains the internal temperature of the housing in cold temperature conditions to extend the lower temperature limit to -40 ?C (-40 ?F). The permanently powered window defroster heater and the optional blower minimize fogging in high humidity locations. Sunshields are included on all models.


For increased security, the units come with tamper- resistant screws for the locking clasps to prevent unauthorized access.


With a sleek design that meets IP66 and NEMA-4X standards, the housings are the ideal solution for protecting your video surveillance equipment from adverse elements.